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Building Under Construction


Each construction project is unique and needs a custom loan solution. RCP's Construction Loan is designed for purchasing permit-ready lot(s) with a construction budget. We finance both the acquisition and vertical construction all at once. If you do not have a permit to build yet, our Bridge-to-Build loan is the perfect solution for you.



Modern Home Exterior


Leverage RCP's Bridge Loan solution when a traditional loan can’t be processed in time to meet your closing date. If you need cash quickly, we also offer a cash-out refinance solution, provided you have a viable payoff strategy in a year or less. Our Bridge Loan can be used for purchase, refinance, and cash-out transactions.



Wooden Home Framing


From acquisition through financing, our Bridge-To-Build Loan allows builders and developers to go vertical. This loan supports the process of securing plans and permits. Let RCP structure a custom Bridge-To-Build loan for your specific project for up to an 18 month term. You only have to close on one upfront loan.

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Architecture Model Sketching


Our Development Loan is designed for the purchase of development ready lot(s) with a horizontal budget. RCP will finance both the acquisition and horizontal development of your project all at once.

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Keys To The New Place


Close fast on your next fix & flip opportunity. Our Fix & Flip Loan puts more profit in your pocket faster with our low fees and competitive interest rates. Put our service speed to work for you on your next flip.



City Skyscrapers


RCP Capital offers fixed rate Commercial Real Estate loans from $5M to $300M+ for 5, 7, and 10-year terms and floating rate loans from $15M to $150M in most cases with the potential to lend over $150M.

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