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Foreign National Lending Solutions

RCP Capital offers lending solutions tailored to Foreign Nationals investing in real estate the U.S. 

  • Loan amounts up to $2M

  • No credit score option

  • Up to 30-year terms

  • 680 FICO with credit score

  • 75% LTV up to $1M on Purchase, Rate & Term

  • 70% LTV cash out up to $1M

  • 70% LTV on loans over $1M and above for Purchase/Rate & Term with FICO 680 minimum

  • No score over $1M 65% LTV for Purchase/Rate & Term

  • No score over $1M 60% LTV Cash Out

  • DSCR Qualifying Ratio down to 1.0

  • Interest-only option available

  • 24-hour underwriting with submission of full file

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