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Founded by a team of veteran mortgage and real estate professionals, RCP is a Capital Markets Organization focused on originating investment opportunities in commercial, residential debt, and real estate assets.​ Our team has extensive experience in pricing, due diligence, servicing, and restructuring of distressed mortgage assets.


​As a long-term participant in the most credit-sensitive derivative sectors of that market, RCP has a distinguished reputation and track record in the finance industry for new product development and other advisory services.​ We are a firm that seeks superior long-term alpha for our investment partners. The principals of the firm have significant long-term relationships with our partners and clients.

The RCP team consists of experienced buy-side investment managers, sell-side research analysts, and real estate professionals. The firm was created to address dislocations in the mortgage whole loan and structured products market in order to create value for institutional investors and family offices. The team has extensive experience in rating agency structured products, securitization processes, real estate dispositions and financial modeling as well as an extensive network of real estate investors, originators, and researchers.


As long-term participant in the credit and debt sectors of the whole loan market, RCP Capital professionals have a distinguished reputation and track record within capital markets for business development and advisory services.

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