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ITIN Lending Solutions

RCP Capital Partners specializes in providing solutions for people that have an Individual Tax Identification Number (ITIN) who are looking for a mortgage or want to refinance an existing mortgage.

  • Home & Investor Mortgage Loans 

  • Minimum down payment of 20-25% is required

  • Tax returns or bank statements document Income

  • Most property types accepted

  • Quick closings

  • Fixed rate mortgage with 30-year terms

  • Purchase or refinance



Benefits of ITIN Lending Solutions

  • No Social Security card required

  • Traditional credit may not be required

  • Rates are better than hard money loans

  • Own a home in this country without documentation


What is needed to qualify for an ITIN home loan?

  • You must have at least 20-25% down payment depending on credit score

  • You need a minimum of a two year work history in the same type of work or self-employed for two years

  • Provide pay stubs for the past 30 days

  • Self-employed can qualify using bank statements instead of tax returns

  • We can also use bank statements for non self-employed borrowers as well (bank statement loan)

  • Minimum credit score of 600

  • No credit score is also acceptable


What types of properties qualify for an ITIN loan?

  • Single family homes

  • Condos

  • Townhomes

  • 2-4 unit residential buildings



ITIN Loan for Self-Employed

If you are self-employed, you can get an ITIN loan provided you meet the following conditions: You will need to have been self-employed for at least two years. You may also be an independent contractor who receives a 1099 form. No tax returns are required. You will need to provide 12 months of bank statements that show deposits into your accounts. These deposits (or a portion of them) will be used as proof-of-income on your loan application.

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